The Foster Youth Education Fund awards higher education grants each year to support the efforts of emancipated foster youth in the four county Sacramento region. The grants are awarded to youth who have successfully completed their high school education and who are entering or attending a two or four year accredited college/university or technical/trade school. Eligibility for education grant is without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, religion or political affiliation.


    2017/2018 FYEF scholarship information and application posted below.  

    Must be postmarked by October 15, 2017.   

    • New Applicant Guidelines and Application      Download

    • Returning Recipient Application      Download

    By awarding me the Foster Youth Education Fund grant, you have lightened my financial burden
    which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. I look forward to the future when I will also be able to help struggling students reach their academic endeavors by assisting them in the same way you have helped me.
    — Dorothy