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The Foster Youth Education Fund empowers former foster youth in the Sacramento region to achieve their higher education dreams. Without parents or a support system to lend a helping hand, they turn to us for basic education necessities. Since 2002, FYEF has been providing funds for tuition, housing, books, computers and campus transportation through scholarships created with the generous support of our community.

  • In 2018, FYEF granted 70 scholarships.

  • Scholarships are granted through an application process to students in the Sacramento region for tuition, books, computers or campus transportation.

  • Each year in Sacramento County, approximately 250 youth "age out" of the foster care system.

  • FYEF was created to reach the former foster youth trying to break the cycle by pursuing a college degree.

  • FYEF is a 501c3 nonprofit, tax ID# 20-0680594.

The Foster Youth Education Fund works with the Guardian Scholars Program at California State University, Sacramento and foster youth programs at local community colleges. With community and institutional support, this proven program maximizes state and federal funds, providing housing, tuition and support services for the youth, with amazing results. 


  • Tina Jordan

  • Mary Martinelli

  • Brendan McGuire

  • Jonathan Pearson

  • Jennifer Rodriguez

  • Shannon Roth

  • Abbie Totten

  • Virginia Williams

Board of Directors

  • Larry Bolton - Board President

  • Greta Wallace - Board Secretary

  • Josh Nisbet - Board Treasurer

  • Lyndsey Collins

  • Karen Grace-Kaho

  • Kim Grimes

  • Ellie Jones

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This organization has helped me overcome one of my most difficult obstacles, and that’s being homeless. FYEF has helped financially at the toughest times in my life. This organization has made it possible for me to continue my education and remain stable. I’m very fortunate to be one of the FYEF scholarship recipients.
— LK